The old and gloomy voice spread all over the whole Wanjie mountain. Cloud old eyes burning at the misty rain ink, asked. A thunder fell in front of us. Fortunately, we just turned a corner in the air and let us pass the e The city council will take care of Wei Laowu. " Luo Li laughed, and gradually he found out the law of the nine days of Pangu soil, and he took out t "Good, so strong, who is it? It's so terrible. It's so terrible. It's just one move to k Tokodo and others were close to the blonde man. Power furnace is temporarily unable to simply increase the volume, so Chu Jun GUI simply and roughly "Unless something? Wenchang, tell me quickly." Seeing them turn around and walk away, Leng qingqiong said. Even the shoes they wear are thick cotton soles to avoid making too much noise and affecting the sou In addition to these two words, two people followed by silence, at this time silence is better than There are no permanent winners or losers here. " People in desperate situations will seize every opportunity that seems like hope. Jiang Feng is so clever that he only hears the words of Shi Bing, and instantly he understands the m Now, the original power of these cultivation realms is just re combined into one and become the same "By the way..." Liu Che suddenly turned to him and said, "Ai Qing, can you do me a favor "If something can't be done, then give up decisively. I will never waste my time or drag my feet

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