Yun Qinghong looked at him and said with a smile, "you are my son. If I don't believe you, who c On both sides of the column are two sets of surging ocean charts. The names of the four Dragon Kings in journey to the West are Aoguang, aoqin, aoshun and aorun. Yue Chong is very powerful, especially the snake on his shoulder. "Ha ha ha... Some of the giant Protoss's minions dare to fight." Master Zhou came out of the house with Zhou Da in charge and walked through the woods, breathing the "Downton is miserable this time. It seems that you can't be too arrogant, or you will have bad l But these people are not up to the standard of cultivation, or they are not qualified for cultivatio The leader was angry and roared. He tried his best to block the attack back. Yue Chong suddenly felt a sense of urination and almost didn't pee his pants. "Dragon! I saw a dragon. It's a real dragon. It's absolutely true. The real dragon clan was I dare to ask you, you are the great emperor of the human race Mr. binglao said calmly: "Yuwen Daoyou's major skill is not fire attribute, but his cultivation Naturally, Murong Yu doesn't need immortal pulse to cultivate. He wants immortal pulse to deal w Perhaps out of a woman's instinct, Zhang Zhi saw the short skirt woman in a moment, subconscious All of a sudden, Mo Yu's eyes are bright, but the elder is still deeply frowning. Cao Su Su's face showed a face of shame, sitting next to Wang stupid, "when my parents come over See she is also a face of bad luck, discontented said.

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